Streaming Saturday #1: Nessie, Detectives & Vampires

I watch quite a bit of television and a few movies. Sometimes I watch for research or to get me in the mindset to write my mystery novel, but most of the time it is just to unwind. So for this new blog feature, on the first Saturday of every month I’ll be recapping what I’ve streamed during the previous month. Some posts will be broken down by television and movies, while others will be themed. There will most likely be a lot more TV shows than movies, since I prefer TV.

I cut the cable cord over 7 years ago (I only have an antenna & a Roku on my televisions), so I am limited to what I can watch. As for streaming services, I currently only have Hulu and Acorn TV. I have a love/hate relationship with Netflix, because I love Stranger Things so much and pretty much hate everything else on there. I also frequent Redbox for movies.

Happy first day of November (and first day of NaNo)! Welcome to the very first Streaming Saturday! This month’s recap focuses a lot on solving murders.

This Month in Television

Loch Ness / Series 1 (Acorn TV)

I binged this series one Sunday when I wasn’t feeling well. It is definitely one of the darker mysteries that I have watched on Acorn TV. I have been leaning more toward the cozy mysteries lately, but I really enjoyed it. It had dark characters, a creepy corpse, Scottish accents, and beautiful scenery. What’s not to love!

I did focus so much on the scenery and accents, since one of my main characters in A Deadly Melody is Scottish/English, that I missed a few things about the mystery. I am going to go back after NaNo and re-watch it again. It is only 6 episodes. But the mystery itself was good. And while I was bummed there was no Nessie sighting, I did enjoy all of the bizarre twists and turns.

Rizzoli and Isles / Seasons 1 & 2 (Hulu)

I had previously seen one or two episodes of Rizzoli and Isles when I used to have cable, many moons ago, but I didn’t remember anything about it. Once I started Season 1, I quickly got hooked on the storyline and characters.

I am starting Season 2 now and am thoroughly enjoying it. I’m especially loving the Rizzoli family. I am not too crazy about the recurring serial killer storyline, so I’m hoping that gets resolved in Season 2.

Agatha Raisin / Agatha Raisin & the Haunted House (Acorn TV)

I love Agatha Raisin. Ashley Jensen is perfect as the quirky Agatha Raisin, and she is back in a Halloween-themed episode. I was super excited for this episode, I just love anything having to do with haunted houses, but this episode just didn’t do it for me. I thought it pretty boring, and I actually fell asleep about an hour into the episode.

This is such a fun series. I love Agatha and the cast of characters, but I missed Gemma. I am not digging the new girl. I also am not liking that they are only releasing four episodes with each being an hour and a half long. I’d rather have six episodes at an hour each. I’m sure I’ll watch the other three episodes, but with this one, I was not impressed.

True Blood / Seasons 1 & 2 (Amazon Prime)

It has been a long time since I’ve watched True Blood. It was always one of my favorite shows on HBO, along with The Sopranos. So when I saw the entire series was on Amazon Prime, I just had to rewatch it.

I am in the midst of Season 2 now, and I forgot just how bizarre it is. But I still love it! I just might need to keep Amazon Prime another month so I can rewatch the whole series. I missed the last two seasons when I got rid of my cable.

This Month in Movies

Atomic Blonde / 2017 (Redbox)

Okay. So I was a little late to the party seeing this movie. My sister actually told me about it a year ago, and I just got around to watching it. I am so glad I did. The main reasons: Charlize Theron and James McAvoy! Both of these actors have been on my characters inspiration board for awhile.

I had to watch the movie more than once, because I focused so much on their mannerisms, looks, and interaction between each other, that I completely missed what was happening in the movie. Plus, they are both phenomenal actors, and Charlize and I share the same birthday, which is cool! One thing I took notice of was their height difference, Charlize being a couple of inches taller than James, especially when she was in heels, something that affects my characters, as well.

I really enjoyed the movie, so much so that I went out and bought the DVD. I love a good spy movie, especially one that takes place in the ’80s and has a strong female character. Lorraine definitely kicked some butt! And can I just say, this movie has one of the best soundtracks I have heard in awhile. You can’t go wrong with Siouxsie and the Banshees and Depeche Mode. It also has one pretty awesome ending.