Countdown to 50: Week 7 Roundup (Days #43-49 of 365)

Welcome to the Week 7 Countdown to 50 Roundup post.

Each week, I’ll be posting a weekly recap of the week’s posts that I’ve been posting over on my Instagram account, and giving a little more info on why I chose the songs I did. If you want to see the entire list, check it out, here. And if you are on Spotify and want to listen to my Countdown to 50 playlist, you can follow and listen to the playlist, here.

Happy Listening!

Day #43 of 365 
Song: St. Teresa
Artist: Joan Osborne
Album: Relish

Joan Osborne is one of many female indie singers who I absolutely love. She has an amazing strong but raspy voice, and she sounds just as amazing in person. I had the opportunity of seeing her years ago with the then Dixie Chicks. She blew them out of the water, especially when she sang this song, which is my absolute favorite!

Day #44 of 365 
Song: Don’t Close Your Eyes
Artist: Kix
Album: Blow My Fuse

I love a good power ballad. This song has always been one of my favorites. It has some really depressing and sad lyrics, but the melody is great. I also just read that Kix just called it quits and disbanded last month after 47 years. That is amazing! What a long and wild ride that must have been. 

Day #45 of 365 
Song: Juke Box Hero
Artist: Foreigner
Album: 4

I absolutely love Foreigner, at least with Lou Gramm as lead singer. I could have included so many of their songs on my countdown. This one is one of my favorites of their rock songs, although their power ballads/slow jams are excellent too. And, Lou Gramm as a solo artist will show up a little later on the countdown.

Day #46 of 365 
Song: Back Stabbers
Artist: O’Jays
Album: Back Stabbers

Some people are a little surprised when I say that I am a huge fan ’60s and ’70s Motown, r&b, and soul music. My dad introduced me to a lot of the artists, including the O’Jays. I love the O’Jays, and this song has some amazing harmonies and awesome lyrics. 

Day #47 of 365 
Song: Singing Low
Artist: The Fray
Album: Through the Years: The Best of the Fray

Another one of my more recent songs, I first heard this song on a YouTube video. I’ve always liked The Fray, but this song might be my favorite. I really like the slow vibe of the song, but the chorus is what I really like. If you haven’t heard this song, have a listen. It is a good one to listen to if you need a calmer vibe. I listen to it when I’m driving in traffic to calm my nerves. 

Day #48 of 365 
Song: Video Killed the Radio Star
Artist: The Buggles
Album: English Garden

This song reminds me of my childhood. I remember around my birthday back in 1981 when MTV first started and this was the very first video they played. Every time I hear this song I get transported back to that time of my life. What a great time it was. Plus, it is a great song to jam to! 

Day #49 of 365 
Song: Nutbush City Limits
Artist: Ike & Tina Turner
Album: Nutbush City Limits

It is funny. When an artist goes solo, I tend to prefer them either as part of the group they were in or as a solo artist but not as both. I think the only artist this doesn’t apply to is Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac. This is the way it is with Tina Turner and Ike & Tina. I’m glad she got out of the terrible situation she was in with Ike, but I prefer her sound as a part of Ike and Tina rather than as a solo artist. This is my favorite of their songs.