Countdown to 50: Week 13 Roundup (Days #85-91 of 365)

Welcome to the Week 13 Countdown to 50 Roundup post.

Each week, I’ll be posting a weekly recap of the week’s posts that I’ve been posting over on my Instagram account, and giving a little more info on why I chose the songs I did. If you want to see the entire list, check it out, here. And if you are on Spotify and want to listen to my Countdown to 50 playlist, you can follow and listen to the playlist, here.

Happy Listening!

Day #85 of 365 
Song: Love Kills
Artist: Vinnie Vincent Invasion
Album: All Systems Go

I LOVE this song. I was going to wait until the final 20ish songs to post this one since it is one of my favorite songs, but I thought it would be better to be featured on the week of Halloween. This was featured in A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master. Unfortunately, this song is not currently available on Spotify, but as soon as it is I’ll add it to the playlist. 

Day #86 of 365 
Song: Thriller
Artist: Michael Jackson
Album: Thriller

The perfect song for Halloween! I was such a huge Michael Jackson fan in the ’80s and this was THE song and more importantly video that made me a fan. I even had a long sleeved baseball shirt with lavender sleeves, Michael Jackson’s face on the front, and my name in fuzzy lavender letters on the back. It looked so cool! 🙂

Day #87 of 365 
Song: Unforgiven
Artist: Fefe Dobson
Album: Fefe Dobson

I first heard this song in the movie, The Perfect Score. I’ve loved it ever since. The entire album is really good with some great early 2000’s pop punk music. 

Day #88 of 365 
Song: Ready to Take a Chance Again
Artist: Barry Manilow
Album: Foul Play Soundtrack

This is the week of soundtrack songs. This might be the third soundtrack song but it is the song from my #1 favorite movie, Foul Play. I’m pretty sure this song was written just for this movie and is played during the credits at the beginning of the movie. It is the perfect song for Gloria, who is played by Goldie Hawn. If you haven’t seen Foul Play, check it out. It is a bit of murder mystery, thriller, comedy, and romance.

Day #89 of 365 
Song: Bad Romance
Artist: Lady Gaga
Album: The Fame

Lady Gaga is my guilty pleasure. I love me some Lady Gaga and “Bad Romance” might be my favorite Lady Gaga song. Well, this and “Speechless” and “Paparazzi” and “The Cure” and . . . 

Day #90 of 365 
Song: (Sittin’ on) the Dock of the Day
Artist: Otis Redding
Album: The Dock of the Day

I love ’60s soul. I was reading a poll recently about the best soul singer of all time. The top 5 singers were no surprise it was just the order that was questionable. I go back and forth about whether I feel that Otis Redding or Sam Cooke is the quintessential male soul singer. I love them both so much. For this countdown, Otis has made an appearance first. It won’t be his last, and Sam Cooke will be coming up soon.

Day #91 of 365 
Song: Blame it on the Boogie
Artist: The Jacksons
Album: Destiny

I didn’t realize that I put Michael Jackson and The Jacksons on the same week. Well, I do love some Jackson music. I’m not a huge fan of the early Motown Jackson. sound, but I do really love the disco Jacksons. This is my favorite of their disco sound.