Writers’ Police Academy: Days 2 & 3

Originally posted June 11, 2014. Now that we've made it to days 2 & 3 of the Writers' Police Academy, the real fun begins! The day begins with an orientation and announcements, given by Lee Lofland, the mastermind behind the Writers' Police Academy. This is especially helpful for those people who didn't make it to the hotel on Thursday night. Shortly after there is a demonstration of some kind. Last year the bomb squad brought the bomb robot and equipment to show everyone. It was pretty cool! There is a little time after the demonstrations for you to run to the restrooms and hit the vending machines before your first workshop begins. The workshops are broken up into 4 sessions: 9:15-10:3010:45-12:001:00-2:152:30-3:45 You also get an hour for…

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Writers’ Police Academy Day 1

Originally posted on July 1, 2014.


Tonight is the start of the Writers’ Police Academy, a hands-on school for writers, readers, and lovers of all things criminal. It is a lot of fun and very educational, especially for mystery and crime writers. While I won’t be attending this year, I have attended the past three years, I thought it would be fun to give you some info about the academy in case you want to check it out next year. You really should, because it is a blast! The academy is held over a long weekend in September at Guilford Technical College in Jamestown, NC, which is pretty close to Greensboro, NC. Being a North Carolinian I can tell you the weather is hit-or-miss in September. The first year I went it rained so hard I was drenched all day. Note to self: Bring an extra pair of shoes in case it rains and you are doing outdoor activities. Walking around in wet shoes for 2 days was no fun! The second-year was pretty nice, so I opted for more outdoor workshops. The third-year was hot, so I stayed indoors for most of the workshops. My advice is to be prepared for anything.


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