2019 Blogging From A-Z Challenge: Y is for PJ Harvey

Welcome to Day 25 of the Blogging from A-Z Challenge. Just a quick introduction: my name is Elissa Kane, and I am an indie author working on my first mystery novel, A Deadly Melody, which is book 1 of the Fallen Rockstar series.

If you want to find out why I chose this theme, please check out my Blogging from A-Z Challenge theme reveal post.

Now, onto the letter Y. . .

photo courtesy of Wikipedia

PJ Harvey

Polly Jean Harvey is known as PJ Harvey, and is a musician, singer-songwriter, writer, poet and composer. Primarily known as a vocalist and guitarist, she is also proficient with a wide range of instruments.[

In 1993, PJ began her solo career and released her first solo album To Bring You My Love. Rolling Stone said in its review that “Harvey sings the blues like Nick Cave sings gospel: with more distortion, sex and murder than you remember. To Bring You My Love was a towering goth version of grunge”.

The album generated a surprise modern rock radio hit in the United States with its lead single, “Down by the Water.”

While her musical style has been described as alternative rock, punk blues, art rock, and avant-rock, PJ has experimented with various other genres including electronica, indie rock and folk music.

PJ on A Deadly Melody‘s playlist

I first heard PJ in the ’90s and have loved her ever since. She was bound to have turned up on my A Deadly Melody playlist and throughout the entire Fallen Rockstar series. “The Devil”, “Dear Darkness”, “Shame”, “Good Fortune”, “A Place Called Home”, “To Bring You My Love”, and my absolute favorite “Down By The Water” are all included on my novel playlist.

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