2019 Blogging From A-Z Challenge: U is for The Unique – Tori Amos

Welcome to Day 21 of the Blogging from A-Z Challenge. Just a quick introduction: my name is Elissa Kane, and I am an indie author working on my first mystery novel, A Deadly Melody, which is book 1 of the Fallen Rockstar series.

Blogging From A-Z Challenge: U is for The Unique Tori Amos

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Now, onto the letter U. . .

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The Unique – Tori Amos

Tori Amos is a classically trained musician, singer-songwriter, and pianist. According to Wikipedia, Tori “won a full scholarship to the Peabody Institute at Johns Hopkins University at the age of five, the youngest person ever to have been admitted. She was expelled at the age of 11 for what Rolling Stone described as ‘musical insubordination'”.

In 15+ years, Tori has released 15 albums, received five MTV VMA nominations, eight Grammy Award nominations, and won an Echo Klassik award for her classical crossover album.

Tori on A Deadly Melody‘s playlist

I have loved Tori since I first heard “Silent All These Years” in the ’90s. She was bound to have turned up on my A Deadly Melody playlist and throughout the entire Fallen Rockstar series. “Little Earthquakes”, “Winter”, “China”, “Pretty Good Year”, “Baker Baker”, “Yes, Anastasia”, “Spark”, “A Sorta Fairytale”, and my absolute favorite “Gold Dust” are all included on my novel playlist.

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