2019 Blogging From A-Z Challenge: N is for Terri Nunn

Welcome to Day 14 of the Blogging from A-Z Challenge. Just a quick introduction: my name is Elissa Kane, and I am an indie author working on my first mystery novel, A Deadly Melody, which is book 1 of the Fallen Rockstar series.

Blogging From A-Z Challenge: N is for Terri Nunn

If you want to find out why I chose this theme, please check out my Blogging from A-Z Challenge theme reveal post.

Now, onto the letter N. . .

Terri Nunn of Berlin

photo courtesy of What’s My Scene

I Love, Love, Love Terri Nunn and Berlin. As a huge New Wave fan, I have loved Berlin since the ’80s. Terri’s voice is so strong and amazing and so is her look, especially her black/platinum blonde hair. She was a huge inspiration for my main character, Elle.

Terri joined Berlin in 1979 after answering an ad through the Musicians Contact Service in Hollywood, CA. An interesting ’80s fact is that Terri replaced ’80s singer Toni Childs as the lead singer of Berlin.

Over the past three decades, Berlin has released seven albums and had several hit songs, including “No More Words”, “The Metro”, “‘Sex’ (I’m A)”, and the mega-hit song from movie Top Gun, “Take My Breath Away.”

Terri Nunn and Berlin on A Deadly Melody playlist

There are quite a few of Terri and Berlin’s songs on my A Deadly Melody playlist and throughout the entire Fallen Rockstar series. “Now It’s My Turn”, “Masquerade”, “No More Words”, “The Metro”, “Matter of Time”, and “You Don’t Know” are all included on my novel playlist.

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  1. Andrea

    Love how organised you are with the challenge: a special picture with the post, another series on Instagram, the list on Spotify – so much great energy, I feel refreshed just by coming here! Thank you!

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