2019 Blogging From A-Z Challenge: J is for Johnette Napolitano

Welcome to Day 10 of the Blogging from A-Z Challenge. Just a quick introduction: my name is Elissa Kane, and I am an indie author working on my first mystery novel, A Deadly Melody, which is book 1 of the Fallen Rockstar series.

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Now, onto the letter J. . .

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Johnette Napolitano

I Love, Love, Love Johnette Napolitano. I have been a fan since I first heard her song “Joey” on Piper High’s Alternative radio station in 1990. She is best known as the lead singer of the Alternative Rock band, Concrete Blonde, but she has also released solo albums and performed alongside other artists.

Johnette, along with James Mankey and Harry Rushakoff formed Concrete Blonde in 1986 and released their self-titled debut album with I.R.S. Records. The album, which is so amazing, includes “Cold Part of Town”, “Beware of Darkness”, “Over Your Shoulder”, and my favorites, “Still in Hollywood” and “It’ll Chew You Up and Spit You Out”, which is an alternate version of “Still in Hollywood.”

Farmhouse Their second album Free produced the college radio hit “God is a Bullet”, but it was their third album Bloodletting that catapulted Johnette and Concrete Blonde onto mainstream radio and eventually MTV. Personally, I think Bloodletting is one of the most amazing albums ever made. To this date, their song “Joey” was their biggest hit with it reaching number one on the Modern Rock Tracks chart and the top 20 of the pop charts.

They had a second hit in 1990 when their song, “Everybody Knows” was included on the Pump Up the Volume soundtrack and was featured in the movie that starred Christian Slater and Samantha Mathis. Such a great movie, but I was also a huge Christian Slater fan in the ’90s!

They released five more albums before disbanding in 2012, but none would garner the success of Bloodletting. Still, those albums produced some kick-ass songs like “Someday?”, “Walking in London”, “Rain”, and my absolutely favorite Concrete Blonde song, and the one that is so very important to Elle: “Jenny I Read.”

Johnette Napolitano on A Deadly Melody playlist

Words can’t describe how much I love Johnette and Concrete Blonde. If you look at my novel and series playlists, as well as my personal playlist, you will see that I am a huge fan. “Cold Part of Town”, “Over Your Shoulder”, “Free”, “God is a Bullet”, “Still in Hollywood”, “It’ll Chew You Up and Spit You Out”, “Everybody Knows”, and “Jenny I Read” all appear on my A Deadly Melody playlist.

As I stated earlier, “Jenny I Read” is such an important song to my main character, Elle, A Deadly Melody, and the entire Fallen Rockstar series. I listened to it on a nonstop loop while I was writing the character profile for Elle. It really helped to bring her to life.

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