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2019 Blogging From A-Z Challenge: I is for Allison Iraheta

Welcome to Day 9 of the Blogging from A-Z Challenge. Just a quick introduction: my name is Elissa Kane, and I am an indie author working on my first mystery novel, A Deadly Melody, which is book 1 of the Fallen Rockstar series.

If you want to find out why I chose this theme, please check out my Blogging from A-Z Challenge theme reveal post.

Now, onto the letter I. . .

photo courtesy of New Transcendence

Allison Iraheta

While Allison is most well known as the fourth place finalist on the eighth season of American Idol, she is also known for winning the Telemundo competition Quinceañera: Mamá Quiero Ser Artista prior to appearing on American Idol.

After winning American Idol, Allison toured with fellow American Idol alums, opened for Adam Lambert, and debuted one solo album. She is currently the lead singer of the band Halo Circus.

Allison Iraheta on A Deadly Melody playlist

While only Allison’s songs, “You Don’t Know Me” and “Scars” are on my A Deadly Melody playlist, both are important songs for the story.

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  1. Red

    She has a haunting voice. I’m glad you included a video of her singing. Found you on AtoZ. Stop by and suggest my next flash fiction in April!

    Doesn’t Speak Klingon

  2. Random Musings

    Her name doesn’t ring a bell, but I’m in the UK so maybe she didn’t make it this far

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