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Back to the Drawing Board

When NaNoWriMo ended on November 30, I stepped away from writing. Although I had a solid outline for my NaNo 2021 novel, I didn’t feel any inspiration. So, instead of trying to muddle through the little bit of writing I did during NaNo, I decided to take a break, clear my mind, and focus on other things. I thought I would start up again in January, but January came and I still wasn’t ready. Now, five months later, I feel the creative juices flowing again and just in time for JuNoWriMo. I just need to decide on the right project. 

I have two main projects that are in progress, Moonshine & Murder and A Deadly Melody. Moonshine & Murder was my NaNo 2021 project. It has a pretty complete outline, but that is about it. A Deadly Melody has an almost complete first draft, but I have decided to rethink it as part of a series. That means it will need significant rewriting. I’m torn!

My JuNoWriMo Project is. . .

After a lot of back and forth, I have decided that my JuNoWriMo project is A Deadly Melody. My main character and basic storyline will remain the same, but I will be adding and deleting characters and changing a lot of the plot throughout the month of June. It won’t be easy, but I am further along with this project than I am with Moonshine & Murder. It just makes sense that I buckle down and finish this first draft before I move onto anything else. So, that means that Moonshine & Murder will be my NaNoWriMo 2022 project. I have a lot of research to conduct before I get to writing that one in November. A LOT!

Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll be starting a new Scrivener template, updating my A Deadly Melody Spotify playlist, and setting up my writing space. I finally bought myself a new desk, monitor, and my first mechanical keyboard, but I have yet to use any of them. That will all change by June 1. It is going to be so nice having an actual writing space in my house instead of trying to write on my lap on the couch or in my bed. I’ve also got a few local writing spots I’ll be visiting. I really want to focus on frequenting small businesses over the large chains, if possible. I hope to take lots of pictures for Instagram & Twitter while I’m out writing. I’ve been totally neglecting both Instagram and Twitter. I hope that will also change starting in June.