Elissa Kane is a mystery writer who was raised in South Florida and is now based in Central North Carolina. Naturally, her stories are rooted in the South and tell the tales of courage, sacrifice, and the fight between good vs. evil. She is currently writing her debut novel, A Deadly Melody: Book 1 of the Fallen Rockstar Files series.

In the early ’90s, while studying music at the University of Florida, Elissa thought her destiny was to become a famous rock star. Instead, her life took a less adventurous path, and she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English. But the fire still burns for her rock star life, and that is how the Fallen Rockstar Files mystery series was born.

After college, Elissa pursued a job in publishing. Her persistence paid off, and for fifteen years she worked in trade book publishing. She was a production manager, book sales representative, formatter, proofreader, scheduler, author representative, and trade show attendant. She currently works as a legislative research assistant.

When she is not researching topics that will probably add her to the FBI watch list, she can be found camping out at her local Starbucks, listening to her Spotify playlists, or crocheting her latest scarf.

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