2021 Blogging From A-Z Challenge: Theme Reveal

2021 Blogging From A-Z Challenge: Theme Reveal

I’m super excited to jump back into the Blogging from A-Z Challenge in 2021. I skipped last year, because, well, COVID. Now, I’m more relaxed and focused on my blog and writing in general.

If you’ve followed along with my previous challenge in 2019, my main topic was about one thing: Women in Music. This year is no different.

Challenge Theme Reveal

You probably already guessed what it is from my blog post photo, but in case you missed it, my challenge theme is. . .


Why did I choose this theme? My main character, Elle, from my current WIP mystery novel, A Deadly Melody, is a former lead singer of a rock band. Naturally, I’ve been listening to a ton of female singers to gather inspiration for her. During my listening, I noticed a lot of cover songs in the mix of the songs. I thought it would make a fun challenge!

So be sure to check back on Thursday April 1, 2021, to see which cover songs have made my list!