16 Must Haves for My 2019 NaNoWriMo Bag

16 Must Haves for My 2019 NaNoWriMo Bag

Some of the links included in this post are affiliate links, which means I may make a small commission on purchases made through them. This is at no extra cost to you. Also know that I use all of these items myself and only recommend those that I trust.

I am going to be writing out a lot this NaNoWriMo. So, if you bump into me at a write-in, the library, or my local Starbucks this November, you’ll find me with my official 2019 NaNo bag. What is in this year’s bag?

  1. Birdling Backpack in Maroon – I had been contemplating getting a Birdling bag for awhile, and I figured the backpack would be perfect for me to take to Starbucks or any other write-in spots this November. The bag is a very sturdy canvas with plenty of space inside for my computer and other must haves. My only complaint is the opening is a little tight. If you have a zipper case for your laptop, like I do, you really have to work it to get it into the bag. We’ll have to see if it loosens up over time.
  2. Laptop – My Macbook Air has been a great little laptop over the past five years, but I’m thinking this might be my last NaNo with it. I’m hoping to upgrade to the Macbook Pro in 2020. My rose gold case is heaven, though!
  3. Spotify – I LOVE Spotify! I pay for the premium service, which allows me to take my numerous playlists with me on the go and in the car. It truly is invaluable to me.
  4. Scrivener – Another truly invaluable writing program. I don’t know how I would do NaNo without Scrivener. I keep all of my characters, plot ideas, scenes, and notes in Scrivener. I have been a bit perturbed with it lately, though. I upgraded a few months ago and have had several issues, which I never had with the previous version. Because of this, I have started backing up everything daily and have started to keep hard copies of everything too, just in case. . .
  5. iTouch – I know I’m a bit old school, but I don’t have an iPhone so I use my iTouch to listen to my Spotify. I love it, and it works great!
  6. Earbuds – I use dirt cheap earbuds, in case I misplace them, break them, or my cat, Daphne, takes a bite out of them. I always keep a backup pair in my bag just in case the other pair dies, because I can not write without music!
  7. Traveler’s Journal – This is a new item that I am keeping with me in 2019. Pretty much because my computer and Scrivener have been acting wonky. I am keeping track of any ideas I get, research I need to do in December, my daily word count, and word sprints numbers. I got my Traveler’s Journal several months ago at Michaels. It was a Bible journal on sale for $3.00! I love the design too: black hearts on a red background.
  8. Excedrin Migraine – I actually have a little pill container that I carry with me with Excedrin Migraine and Tylenol. I get a lot of migraines, and a lot of times I can catch it early with an Excedrin Migraine and a Pepsi. There is nothing worse than trying to write with a migraine.
  9. Luna Bars – Last year I carried Larabars in my bag. I still really like Larabars, but Luna Bars keep me full longer and they are less calories. My favorite flavor is S’mores. Yummy!
  10. Lip Balm – Since NaNo is in November and I live in North Carolina, it can be a bit nippy! I am always battling with chapped lips going from the cold outside to the heat inside. My favorite lip balm is Maybelline Baby Lips.
  11. Starbucks Card – If you have been following for any length of time you know that my go-to writing spot is Starbucks. I have come to know the baristas in my local Starbucks, and I love going there because they are so sweet and I know I will be treated with kindness. They also make the best Trenta Very Berry Hibiscus.
  12. Healthish Water Bottle – To cut down on the cost of buying a bunch of drinks at my write-ins and to keep myself better hydrated, I purchased a Healthish Water Bottle. It has really changed my water drinking habits. It is a countdown bottle, which lets you see how much water you should be drinking every hour. When you are done with an entire bottle (your morning water), you refill it for your afternoon water. It really is great!
  13. Fingerless Gloves – I treated myself to a pair of Raven gloves and a pair of Alice in Wonderland gloves for this NaNo. I’ve been eyeing them for awhile, and I picked them up during their Halloween sale. I can’t wait to use them. They are going to keep my hands all nice and toasty!
  14. Post-It Notes – Something I can not write without. I have Post-it notes and flags all over my house and in my writing bag. I like the original Post-it notes the best. They stick better than any of the others.
  15. Hand Cream – Similar to #10, I keep this for my dry hands in the North Carolina winters. Gold Bond is my favorite. It is not too greasy but coats my hands nicely.
  16. Paper Mate Ink Joy Pens – Every writer (and planner) that I know is pretty obsessed with pens. I am no exception. I love different colored pens. A writer and a planner babe that I follow on YouTube both recommended the Paper Mate Ink Joy pens, so I picked up a small pack to try them out. I love them. I especially use them for color coding my characters and scenes. I’ll be picking up a larger pack after NaNo.

Just add some packs of gum and a few highlighters and that about covers it! I’m all set for NaNoWriMo to begin this week!

If you are joining NaNo this year, I wish you the best of luck! Let’s get this NaNo party started!!!