Blogging from A-Z Challenge: Theme Reveal


I’m super excited to jump back into the Blogging from A-Z Challenge in 2019. I have taken part in the challenge for the past few years, but fell out of love with blogging last year, so I skipped it. Now, I’m more focused and back with my main topic(s) for the challenge: Writing and Music. […]

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Get To Know The Character: Elle


In preparation of the Blogging from A-Z Challenge, which starts on April 1, I thought it would be prudent to introduce you to my main character, Elle. She is the inspiration behind my 2019 challenge theme. I’m still in the process of writing A Deadly Melody, but while the story is still taking shape the […]

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A Deadly Melody Novel Playlist: Chapter 3 (A-Side)


Music is a huge part of my life. So, it is no surprise that it is also a huge part of my novels. I thought it would be fun while I am writing A Deadly Melody to post my chapter playlists, so it will give you a little glimpse into what songs are inspiring my […]

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Writers’ Police Academy Day 1


Originally posted on July 1, 2014. Tonight is the start of the Writers’ Police Academy, a hands-on school for writers, readers, and lovers of all things criminal. It is a lot of fun and very educational, especially for mystery and crime writers. While I won’t be attending this year, I have attended the past three […]

June 10, 2018