Fiction Writing

A Deadly Melody 
Book 1: Fallen Rockstar series 
Elle Bowman had it all: fame, fortune, and four best friends and bandmates she’d rocked with since middle school. But that all changed one night when her friends were found murdered and she was left for dead. 

Now a year later, Elle must return to the scene of the murders to discover the truth behind that fateful night. Will she find out who killed her best friends and wanted her dead, or will the killer finish the job and claim her life first?

 Legacy of Time  
A retro time-travel novel
Amanda Rossi lives a normal teenage life in Parkland, Florida. She has just started her senior year, spends her weekends working at the local candy shop, and is already packing for college. But it is when her eccentric cousin, Eleanora, comes to visit that her normal life gets turned upside down.
For Amanda’s 17th birthday Eleanora gives her a brooch that holds the ability to travel through time. And before long, Amanda is whisked back in time to the year 1984 to help find a time traveling thief, who just happens to be over 300 years old!