A Deadly Melody Novel Playlist: Prologue

Playlist / Wednesday, January 2nd, 2019

Music is a huge part of my life, so it is no surprise that it is also a huge part of my novels.

One of the first things I do when outlining a new novel is to make a novel playlist. Sometimes, as with A Deadly Melody, I not only have a main novel playlist, but characters and also chapters playlists.

I thought it would be fun while I am writing A Deadly Melody to post my chapter playlists. It will give you a little glimpse into what songs are inspiring my novel, chapters, and even characters.

Today, I am sharing with you my playlist for the prologue of A Deadly Melody.

Playlist Songs

One of my favorite cover songs starts off the playlist. “Don’t Fear the Reaper” by Photilla and Monique Najib is a great remake of the Blue Oyster Cult song. This version is very slow, sad, and dark, which is perfect for my prologue.

“All our times have come
Here but now they’ve gone
Seasons don’t fear the reaper
Nor do the wind, the sun or the rain, we can be like they are
Come on baby, don’t fear the reaper”

Female rockers definitely play a big role on this novel playlist. You’ll find them scattered throughout my 250+ songs and chapters, including my prologue. Along with Monique Najib, female artists Amy Lee of Evanescence and Fluerie round out my four song prologue playlist.

Other female artists you will see pop up over the next few months are Halestorm, Lacuna Coil, Fireflight, Concrete Blonde, Lacey Sturm, Poe, and The Birthday Massacre, just to name a few.

And don’t worry. The guys aren’t left out. There are a lot of male artists on my playlist, especially 80s rockers and hair bands. Whitesnake, Foreigner, AC/DC, Aerosmith, and Def Leppard all make an appearance, along with some Darius Rucker, Fall Out Boy, and Skillet.

Want To Hear The Entire Playlist?

Can’t wait to hear the entire novel playlist? You can check out all of my songs for A Deadly Melody on my elissakwrites Spotify playlist.

And, if you have Spotify, which you should because it is awesome, you can follow the playlist to get updates when I add a new song or ten!

You can also find links to all of the playlists, here.